Richard Morgan
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     I am a criminal defense attorney who regularly represents people throughout Virginia.  In My travels across the state I have come to accumulate a high level of experience in the defense of murders and homicides, probation violations, and sex crimes.

1. MURDER/HOMICIDE: 1st degree, 2nd degree murder, felony murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter.

A person charged with causing a death is often convicted in the "court of public opinion" long before he has his day in a court of law.  At trial, I have been able to show that the "facts" represented by the media are not always the truth, which justice requires.  Allow me to put the insight and experience that I have gained for over two decades as a trial attorney to work for you.

2. PROBATION VIOLATIONS: Do they want to revoke your suspended sentence?  We need to do something about this.  All state courts (Circuit Court, General District Court, JDR Court) and Federal court.

3.  SEX CRIMES: rape, molestation, child pornography, prostitution, and, for lack of a more concise phrase, “use of the Internet to have sexual contact with children”.

Just being charged with any sex offense brings with it a level of approbation that one doesn’t see with other criminal offenses. Being convicted of that sex offense, at the very least, will require regular registration with law enforcement and will curtail one’s ability to live wherever one pleases. At worst, a convicted sex offender will spend decades in a state or Federal penitentiary.  

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